Power HSS, A Totally New Saw Blade . . .

What is innovative about this saw blade?

A sophisticated coating

The unique POWER coating is not only a high quality coating but the result of a long term R & D project.
All characteristics of the coating have been applied to the very special needs of the saw blade and
its cutting application.

A super finish

The saw blade surface is ground with a totally new machine technology designed and developed
by A.C.T. This super surface texture when coated with the POWER coating provides low
friction and a very long blade life.

A new clearance design

A thin saw blade creates less vibration, less noise, uses less power and generally promotes
better cutting conditions. The new design with an optimized side clearance curve provides the
best compromise between cutting with a thin kerf (cut width) and stability during the
cutting process.

What are the advantages of this new saw blade?

  • Ideal for difficult applications like thin wall or double wall cutting.
  • Less noise and less vibration.
  • No side welding (pick-up) even when cutting extremely hard materials.
  • Material savings between 10 and 15 kgs. steel tube per regrind at short length cutting.
  • A much better blade life.
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